Attracting Tattoo Clients is All About Providing Value


Creating Clients

As a tattoo artist, it's easy to focus solely on your technical skills and assume that will be enough to attract loyal clients. But the truth is, clients don't really understand the difference between high quality tattoo work and mediocre work. What matters most to them is the experience you provide and the value you give them. Here's how to create devoted, lifelong clients.

The Biggest Misconception

Many tattoo artists think they just need to hone their drawing and tattooing techniques to attract more clients. But clients don't buy your skill - they buy emotion, value, and what you can deliver for them. Potential clients aren't asking if you can execute a tattoo at a certain skill level. What they want to know is - can you help me tell my story? Can you create an aspirational version of myself? Can you mark an important event in my life? They want meaning and value.

It's Not About the Tattoo, It's About the Client

As artists, we easily get caught up in the actual tattoo - the image, the colors, the technique. But at the end of the day, the client is your product, not the tattoo. Take the time to truly understand your client, their motivations, and the story behind why they want a particular tattoo. Investing that time creates immense value and shows the client you care.

Guide Clients Through the Process

Most clients are confused about the tattoo process. They want guidance. Walk them through what will happen, how long it will take, and what it will cost. Explain your approach and help them feel safe and secure in their decision. The more you educate clients, the more freedom you'll have in the design process.

Consultations Should Go Deep

Too many artists do "horizontal" consultations that simply cover the surface details. Do "vertical" consultations instead - ask probing questions, dig into their history, and uncover the deeper meaning behind their tattoo. This builds trust and rapport. Treat them as you would want your doctor to treat you.

Deliver Value

Value comes from understanding a client's motivations and background, guiding them patiently through the process, and crafting designs that reflect their unique stories. This is how you earn devoted clients for life. Quality time with clients is more important than doing quick tattoos just to make money.


Getting clients is about creating value, not having the best technical skills. Invest time with your clients, guide them through the process, and understand their motivations. This will lead to lifelong, loyal clients who refer others to you as well. Value over everything.

Matt Hodel

Business Coach

Tattoo Artist since 1995


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