Avoiding Burnout!

Burnout leads to early retirement.

Fired Up to Avoid Burnout!

Burnout sneaks up on you and kicks your ass! One day you're pumped about tattooing and riding the creative high. The next, you're fried and questioning your life choices. I've been there too. Avoiding burnout is so critical for us artists to stay happy and love our work.

The thrill of tattooing full-time fades when you realize it's a business too. Managing the money side, the clients, the schedule - it's not just fun art times! But we can set ourselves up for creative success by getting smart on the business mechanics. I'm here to fire you up about avoiding burnout!

When we don't handle our finances, the money stress creeps up fast. Before you know it, you're taking any client to pay the bills. I've done my share of bargain tattoos for difficult clients that drained my soul. Now I'm strategic about rates and overhead to create a financial cushion. Financial freedom equals freedom to create!

Step up your client attraction game to find your people! Those clients with disposable income who value quality art - they're out there looking for you! Dazzle them with your passion, artistry and client care. Be reliable, punctual and communicative. Invest in design time so you deliver freaking amazing work. Value yourself and your time so you don't burn out.

Creating an inspiring schedule is huge too. Build in adequate client time as well as creation time. Guard that time for your art practice. Experiment. Level up your skills. Pour love into designing custom work so you stay jazzed. Expect cancellations and design flexibility into your schedule so you don't overcommit.

Surround yourself with ideal clients who energize you! Avoid energy-suck clients who drain your soul. Find your tribe of passionate tattoo fans who get it. They understand the time, money and dedication this art requires because they live it too. They get excited about the process with you! Ideal clients make you feel appreciated and proud.

Owning the business side of tattooing gives you freedom to fly creatively! Master your money flow, your calendar, your client care. Be real about the business skills it takes to thrive, not just your technical tattoo skills. Take control of the operations so you can do what you love sustainably.

We get into this for the love of art. Stay connected to your passion! Block out time to create just for you. Build a supportive community of artists who get it. With some savvy business practices, you can make a good life in the art. Never lose your fire - we need your unique gifts! Keep kickin' burnout to the curb!


Matt Hodel

Business Coach

Tattooing since 1995

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