The Hour of Power

There has to more to tattooing than posting on Instagram and praying for result!

If that was really the future of tattooing then we are all doomed. I refuse to live like that, and I have not had to.  In the Hour of Power, I go over those topics that people might talk about but they got it all wrong.  Why? It takes the correct mindset to approach tattooing as a successful career.  Once you start thinking different, your actions have intent then the change happens.

If you want to keep racing to the bottom by slashing your prices and giving your work away, be my guest.  I won't stop you.

Our industry is full of rhetoric and bullshit.  The bigger it is the more bad information you have to sort through to find some guidance.  I know.  I have been navigating it for 28 years.  I'm not selling you anything.  I invite you to join the conversation in the Hour of Power and let us grow together.



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