Pricing Tattoos Based on True Value – It’s Not About the Benjamins!


What's good fellow tattoo artists! Today I want to break down how we really need to think about pricing and value when it comes to tattooing. It's so not about squeezing every last dollar from clients. We have to get in the mindset of what tattoo buyers value and price fairly based on that.

I'll start with a real talk confession. Many of us obsess over the technical quality of our work - the precision, color saturation, flawless gradients, etc. But here's the tea...most regular clients don't notice or care about those tiny details us pros obsess over! For them, quality is simply "will this tattoo still be poppin' in 20 years?" Keep it real.

Now, you might think just slap a high price tag on it because these tats are permanent. Hold up though! We can't go in greedy like that. Here's the thing ...people aren't calculating the cost vs specs like buying a computer. Their choice to get tattooed is straight up emotional!

On top of quality, clients want comfort. They gotta feel you got their back through the whole process. Be transparent about pricing and open communication. Make sure they don't feel intimidated by you. Give them autonomy in the design phase, let them have a say in the design concept. When they feel safe with you, it builds trust and value.

For real, don't make people chase you down to book an appointment. Turning clients into begging groupies stuff needs to go. Make it easy to set appointments and answer questions. Provide an amazing, smooth experience from start to finish.

Now, you might be wondering how to set those prices. Well first, find your unique style and niche. Fans will pay more for specialized work from the resident “biomech expert" than generic tattoos. Build your reputation and branding around specific art that you master. Understand the needs of the client. Interview them to see why getting a tattoo is important. If a doctor started prescribing before an examination that would be malpractice!

Also, tap into the power of social influence. When all your clients are raving about you and their squad starts asking for work, your prices can increase. Leverage word of mouth and deliver tattoos that inspire people to show off!

Most importantly, align prices with the true value offered. Provide killer art, safety, comfort, convenience and your rates can rise. But don't ever scam people with ridiculous prices - that's lame. Price gouging destroys trust and goodwill fast.


Matt Hodel

Tattooing since 1995

Business Coach

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