Stop Selling Tattoos:  Start Selling your Services.

Who wants to get Tattooed?

In the crowded world of tattooing, artists often find themselves caught in the whirlwind of trends and demands, constantly navigating between their creative expression and the commercial aspect of their art. The journey from merely selling tattoos to cultivating a clientele that profoundly resonates with your artistry involves more than just the drawing to impress people; it's about transforming lives, one tattoo at a time.

The Art of Selling Yourself

The first step in building a meaningful client base is to shift your perspective from selling a commodity to offering a transformational service. Tattooing is not about pushing designs onto clients but about connecting with your clients by reflecting your principles, beliefs, and personality that are relatable to your clients' personalities. This approach not only attracts people who vibe with your style but also sets the foundation for a clientele that values your art and how your art helps tell their personal story.

Understanding Your Why

Before you can sell yourself, you need to understand who you are as an artist and individual deeply. What drives you to tattoo? What do you believe in? If you're unclear about these aspects, how can you expect to effectively communicate and sell yourself to potential clients? Identifying what you offer and the value you bring is crucial in building a client base that aligns with your vision.

Crafting Your Clientele

As you progress in your tattooing career, it becomes important to differentiate your clients into categories - the A's, B's, and C's. This categorization helps you focus on clients who appreciate your work and contribute positively to your growth as an artist. By concentrating on A and B clients and letting go of C clients, you redirect your energy towards nurturing relationships that are mutually rewarding and aligned with your artistic journey.

"C" clients are good people but a bad fit. You recognize that you do not have the capacity to help everyone, and C clients can be referred to shops that better suit their intentions.

The Power of Connection

Building a clientele is not about maximizing numbers but optimizing connections. Engaging with your clients, showing genuine interest in their lives, and being present in their moments of triumph and trials can transform a professional relationship into a personal bond. This approach not only enhances the tattooing experience but also paves the way for a clientele that is built on trust and mutual respect.

Simplifying the Journey

Creating an accessible and straightforward path for clients to reach you is fundamental. Your online presence, be it through a website, social media, or a blog, should reflect who you are as an artist and how you can guide them through the confusing landscape of tattooing. Make it easy for potential clients to understand how to get tattooed. A straightforward and uncomplicated process reassures clients of your professionalism and their importance to you.

Beyond the Tattoo

Remember, tattooing is a transformative experience beyond the physical act. It's about making your clients feel valued, understood, and comfortable throughout their journey with you. Whether through the ambiance of your studio, the music playing in the background, or the way you greet them, every little detail contributes to crafting an unforgettable experience.

Final Thoughts

As you embark on this journey of building a clientele, remember that it's a process of self-discovery, connection, and transformation. It's not about the number of tattoos you do but the lives you touch and the stories you become a part of. By selling yourself, understanding your 'why', and focusing on meaningful connections, you can cultivate a clientele that not only appreciates your art but also contributes to your growth as an artist and individual.

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