The Art of Tattoo Client Matchmaking: Connecting with Your Ideal Clients

The Art of Tattoo Client Matchmaking: Connecting with Your Ideal Clients

As tattoo artists, we put immense creativity, skill, and care into our work. But simply posting photos of random tattoo designs isn’t the most effective way to attract ideal clients. We need to move from scattered attempts to intentional matchmaking.

Just as people carefully research big purchases like cars or vacations, potential clients invest time figuring out if we’re the right tattoo artist for them. We need to give them plenty of information to determine if we share common interests and values. This leads to better communication, vision alignment, and enjoyable sessions for both parties.

Get Clear on Your Ideal Client

Think back on your clients over the past months. Who gave you energy and inspiration? Which sessions did you look forward to the most? Make a list of the interests, personalities, and values you mesh well with. Avoid trying to be everything for everyone - a mismatch of expectations leads to frustration.


For example, my ideal clients are:

- Nature lovers who enjoy camping and hiking

- People passionate about current events and social justice

- Fellow dog owners who understand unconditional love

- Optimists who focus on the positive

- Intellectually curious life-long learners


The more details you can define, the easier it gets to identify which clients you’ll vibe with.


Share More of Your Authentic Self Online

Resist the urge to seem mysterious. The more transparent you are about your interests, the easier it gets for ideal matches to find you. Showcase not just your tattoo portfolio, but snippets of your lifestyle.

For example, I often share photos of my dog, favorite local hiking trails, paleo recipes I try, and nonfiction books on sociology that intrigue me. These everyday personal interests have sparked great connections with potential clients.

And just because someone doesn’t share your exact interests doesn’t mean they wouldn’t appreciate your artistic style. Highlighting multiple aspects of yourself casts a wider, yet still targeted, net.

Funnel Clients to Your Website

Think of your website like the central hub and all other online channels - Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter - as spokes leading people back to it.


Make sure your website includes:

- Info on your tattoo services

- Testimonials

- Artist biography

- Inquiry/appointment form

- Link to social media channels


The simpler you make it for potential clients to learn about you and schedule consultations, the better.

And aim to drive the social media traffic you gain from sharing personal interests back to your site. For example, in Instagram photo captions include your site URL so people can easily explore further.

Collaborating on other blogs, podcasts and social media lives are great for cross-promotion too. Just make sure you invite viewers back to your digital homebase to convert that initial interest into booked clients.

Take Matchmaking Actions Now

  • Make a list of your ideal clients - This quick reflection provides helpful clarity that focuses your marketing and vetting.
  • Update your website - Make sure it makes it easy for visitors to book consultations or inquiries straight from your site.
  • Share personal side interests on social media - Give glimpses into your authentic self instead of only posting tattoo designs.
  • Cross-promote skillfully on other platforms - Guest blog, get interviewed on podcasts, suggest accounts to follow. Always invite people back to your website while establishing expertise.

The Benefits of Targeted Relationship Building

Taking a targeted approach instead of mass scattershot efforts with client attraction is more impactful. When you mesh well expectations are aligned, communication flows, vision is shared, and sessions are fulfilling creatively.

What meaningful connections offer goes deeper than dollars gained. A sense of purpose gets restored when your skills help impact individuals whose values align with yours. Your passion gets reignited when you collaborate with ebullient optimistic types instead of handling dismissive grumps.

In contrast, wasting time with unsuitable mismatches burns precious energy that could get better spent uplifting your community of like-minded ideal advocates. Learn to graciously identify and refer elsewhere energy vampires that labor collaboration by fixating on minor negatives.

The sessions that feel effortless, where both parties are mutually intrigued to continue co-creating - those arise from intentional matchmaking between artist and client. Defining then sharing your authentic style and interests attracts those eager to support your vision. Staying highly selective keeps your book filled with ideal tribespeople instead of random rabble.


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