The Power of Word of Mouth: They gossip about you, not your tattoos.

Welcome to the final installment of our Word of Mouth series in the Online Management and Jackpot Coaching Courses. Today, we're diving into what people are honestly saying about you and why it's more than just your tattoo skills that count.

What Are People Saying?

You might think your clients are raving about your impeccable line work, stunning shading, and top-notch spit shading. You hope they tell everyone, "Don't go to that person; go to my artist because they do great lines, and their shading is unbelievable." But here's the reality check: that's not what sticks.

The Real Conversation

As we've discussed, word of mouth's essence goes beyond technical prowess. It's about the relationship you build with your clients. People love water cooler talk, and it's rarely about technical details. Instead, the stories and personal connections that clients make with their tattoo artists make their way into conversations. The casual gossip is how potential clients really learn about you and your character.

The Speed of News

Bad news travels fast. Imagine someone admiring their perfectly rendered tattoo, only to share that the artist is now in prison. Suddenly, that tattoo carries a negative connotation, impacting how they feel about their decision. The same goes for the reverse; positive stories spread just as quickly. When people have good things to say about you, it reflects well on them.

The Impact of Small Conversations

Do you have all those little chats with clients? They matter more than you realize. Clients remember your conversations long after they've left your shop, even if you don't recall them—the atmosphere you create and the stories you share during appointments significantly influence word of mouth.

Filling the Air with Positivity

Make sure your conversations are filled with positive and remarkable stories. Don't shy away from sharing your achievements. Let your clients know whether you've run a marathon, climbed a mountain, or joined a charity. People connect with like-minded individuals, and sharing your experiences can lead to more referrals from those who resonate with your stories.

The 4A's of Self-Bragging

Here's a handy framework to help you share your story without feeling boastful: the 4As—Adventure, Accomplishments, Awards, and Awareness.

  1. Adventure: Share your exciting experiences and journeys.
  2. Accomplishments: Talk about the goals you've achieved.
  3. Awards: Mention recognitions and accolades you've received.
  4. Awareness: Express your views on life and how you share them thoughtfully with others.

By weaving these elements into your conversations, you give your clients plenty to discuss when your name comes up around the water cooler.


Word of mouth isn't just about your tattooing skills. It's about who you are, what you've done, and what you stand for. Share your story with confidence and authenticity. Listen to your clients, but don't forget to let them in on your wins, too. Fill your conversations with positivity, and watch as word of mouth about you grows in ways you never imagined.

Matt Hodel

28 years of tattooing

Business Coach

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